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Pat your weave, ladies!

Why does my weave get itchy?

Lets be real, we live in a harsh, dry, and at times, super hot climate, here in Alberta. That means you need to take some extra steps with that fresh new weave you just paid lots if money to have installed. Winter will suck the moisture out of your skin, and just as fast, your hair! That being said, when your hair is trapped under a mass of hair, and you don’t give it the moisture it needs, the scalp will get ridiculously dry, which in turn will create that incredibly itchy feeling that will turn heads if you’re scratching too much in public. Unfortunately, so will sweating, and not properly drying your luscious locks.

While it’s a no brainer that you need to wash your hair often, and with a proper professional hydrating shampoo/conditioner duo, it is also just as important to dry your hair. This includes the weft that is attached at the scalp. Do not ignore her! She is equally as important to avoid that itching we all cannot stand.


The number one method we have discovered, through speaking with our clients, and comparing notes with other extensionists, is the elusive, plastic RAT TAIL COMB!

Yes, using the end of a rat tail comb will help soothe any constant itching of your weave that proper washing/drying doesn’t take care of. This styling tool has been around for decades and has more than one function. We have found that the rat tail combs work the best for getting to those tight, hard to reach spots without having your fingers matting any part of the hair under/over the wefts, or bothering your beads. Definitely, a must have for the avid extension wearer.

Side note: Stay away from the steel/metal ended rat tail combs as they can cause you to do more damage than you intend from scratching too much in one spot, further irritating an area.


Now, this one, we are 50/50 on. Apply dry shampoo directly to your scalp, as it acts as a sort of cooling spray when applied to your scalp opposed to your hair. It will, help eliminate some excess oils from your scalp, and relieve some itching, however, it will not remove any dirt, or build up, and you will only get immediate, short term relief from itching from this method.


Did your extensionist check to make sure your scalp wasn’t irritated before your install? Is your install too tight? Most installs done should be about 1 cm away from the scalp, and your beads should not be pulling too much. You should have multiple points of contact all along your weft, attached to your natural hair. This will aid in a less damaging install, less weight on your own hair, and no irritation to your scalp. In the end, professional products will be your saving grace with your weave, to save you from itching, and being irritated. Make sure to research your extensionist, and to check that they have the knowledge needed within the hair industry to give you the best experience possible!

Don’t Forget The Basics

If you have any medical, or skin related problems that effect your scalp, please see a dermatologist or your physician before you try, and self-medicate.

Some conditions, and medications can cause a person’s scalp to be extremely sensitive which will lead to why you cant stop itching! If you have any situation like the mentioned, please connect with your stylist, be open and honest. We will give you the best advice to our knowledge, and will do everything in our power to give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of!

In the grand words of Queen Bey, “pat your weave ladies“, but before you pat yourself into a coma, check out these tools as well, and do not be afraid to wash, dry, moisturize those bad boys in between your salon visits!!

Love always,

Luxx xo

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