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You are not a sandwich!

OKAY, let's talk about professional products, and why they are so important to maintain the life of your extensions, and colour.

First up! YOUR HAIR IS YOUR INVESTMENT! I don't know how many times I have had to remind clients of this, but you might as well cancel your next blonding appointment if you plan on washing that beautiful ashy mane with some $4 shampoo and conditioner you've come across at the Dollar Store. They are filled with silicone, detergents, fillers, and more.

I can feel your eye rolls through the screen, babe, but its something that wont change. Our professional products we keep suggesting are designed to penetrate the hair shaft, getting into that cuticle, locking in the higher quality ingredients. Professional products have better ingredients, are more concentrated, and will help you keep the healthy look you had the day you walked out of the salon.

With all this said, remember, you are not a sandwich. Eggs, mayo, avocados, AND yes even honey, do not belong on your hair. I don't care what you've read on Pinterest. The professional hair care companies have studied, researched, and tested their products with actual engineers, and scientists. THEY ARE BACKED UP BY SCIENCE.

Trust your hair guru next time they suggest something, if it doesn't work how you want it to, ask for some help, or try something else, remember to consider outside factors as well (hard water, too much washing). Hair maintenance doesn't need to be boring, or daunting, babe, have fun with it!

Lots of love

Luxx xo

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